How-to use

How-to use petosan

Dental Disease is the most frequently diagnosed health problem in veterinary clinics and affects both the general health as well as the quality of life for our dogs. The best way by far to prevent dental disease is by brushing our dogs teeth daily

3 Step program

In a set of four videos we aim to help dog owners master toothbrushing in a way that will make it a positive experience to both improve the bonding as well as help you keep your dog healthy. A healthy dog is a happy dog.

Step one

The first video helps you prepare you and the dog for the process of establishing a quality dental regimen and handling the dogĀ“s mouth.

Step two

The second video takes you through introduction of toothpaste and getting the dog used to your handling his mouth.

Step three

In the third video the finger cloth is introduced.

Step four

Finally, its time to introduce the toothbrush and start brushing. Let brushing be daily fun time.