There simply is no substitute for toothbrushing. A healthy dog is a happy dog

Petosan has been developed by a team of Scandinavian dentists,
veterinarians and leading edge toothbrush manufacturer.

Smiling veterinarian examining a cute dog in medical office

Daily tooth brushing
will help ensure

  • A healthier, happier dog
  • Intact sense of smell
  • A more focused dog
  • Better nutrition and absorption
  • Reduced behavioral problems

3 Step program

As many as 95% of dogs will allow tooth-brushing if approached according to our 3 step program.

Our bestsellers

• Discolored teeth (brown or yellow) • Bad breath • Red, swollen and tender gums • Bleeding gums • Bloody saliva • Blood in water bowl • Excessive drooling • Loose or missing teeth • change in eating or chewing habits, • Drop in appetite • Weight loss • Favoring one side of the mouth when chewing • Pawing at the face or mouth • Depression or Irritability

You should not use human toothpaste as it is not formulated for swallowing. Human toothpaste contains soap and Fluoride, ingredients that the dog does not need.

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A healthy dog is a happy dog