Petosan Silentpower

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The battery powered, double-headed, sonic toothbrush is probably the best pet toothbrush in the world. The brush has 20,000 bristle movements per minute and is highly effective at removing plaque. The package contains a holder with 2 brush heads; one in size S/M (white) and the other in size L (grey). The Silent Power is delivered without a battery, as we have experienced leaking batteries in cases where the product have been stored under hot conditions or in certain cases when shipping with airfreight.

Replacement heads available.

  • The Petosan replacement heads are designed for the twin-head dental brush, cleaning the inside and outside surfaces at the same time at the recommended 45-degree angle. Targets the vulnerable area between teeth and gum line in one easy operation.
  • Saves time and pets accepts treatment easily increasing client compliance. Contains high quality dupont tine nylon filaments with the appropriate softness required for pets.
  • Designed to fit the Silent Power Sonic Dog & Cat Toothbrush, this double-headed brush reaches teeth at a 45-degree angle to get below the gum line. 
  • It also cleans both the front and back of teeth at the same time, making this head highly effective at removing plaque. 
  • Make cleaning easy and more effective with the Petosan Silent Power Sonic Replacement Head.

Why can’t I use human toothpaste?

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Put some Petosan toothpaste on your index finger (never use human toothpaste; it can be harmful if swallowed). Begin gently to get your dog accustomed to you working in its mouth. Reward your dog. When your dog is happy, move to step 2.