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   Introducing Petosan Twin-Head Dental Brush>   

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Petosan featured on ABC
Petosan was featured on ABC's Good Morning America Wednesday Tuesday 3 February. See the segment and learn more about on Pet's Dental health from Dr. Marty Becker
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  Introducing Petosan Twin-Head Dental Brush

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The objective of brushing the teeth is to prevent or retard a build-up of pathogenic plaque on teeth and gums. Improving pets' dental health implies establishing new habits, as part of a dental regimen involving the vet, the pet and the pet owner. In practical terms this means changing the attitude, routines and behaviour. This is a demanding task and dental aids must be significantly efficient in order to accomplish a shift towards adequate preventive dental care for pets. Suppliers must be challenged. Our response is a leading edge solution that may ease the change.

In order to make dental cleaning as easy and efficient as possible, adequate results should be obtained preferably within 1-2 minutes. The Petosan brush will be guided by the teeth cleaning the inside and outside surfaces at the same time, whilst keeping the filaments at the recommended 45 degrees angle towards the vulnerable area between gum line and the teeth, - all in one easy operation. Adequate cleaning at (and below) the gum line is essential in order to improve pets" dental health.

Cleaning two sides of teeth at a time saves time and significantly eases the brushing process. Cleaning the inside surfaces of the teeth, is difficult using a conventional brush. With Petosan the inside surface is adequately and easily cleaned simultaneously with the outside. The pets easily accept this treatment.

The twin heads allow cleaning teeth of different lengths such as the canines and molars. The Petosan filaments are high quality Dupont Tynex Nylon, with the appropriate softness required for pets.

The product has been subject to extensive testing in Scandinavian veterinary clinics and the results are very positive.

Petosan helps you clean the important areas between the gum line and the teeth in an easy and efficient operation.

No other toothbrush for pets can offer the same effectiveness and the same ease of use. Combined with proper nutrition and effective toothpaste, Petosan makes adequate dental care at home easier, more convenient and more time efficient.

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